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Magazine Questions:

Q: Is True Blue Trucks Magazine only for F Series owners?

A: No, the magazine if for all Ford truck enthusiasts. Yes, the magazine focuses on the F-Series, but other Ford trucks will sneak in... if they are cool!

Q: Is it possible to get my photo or story in the magazine?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage you to send us something, anything! The magazine's strength is it's reader's involvement...we need you and your stories. We could never write stories as good as you do. Anything you send will (more than likely) make it into the magazine within a couple issues. PLEASE include you contact information and truck's year with anything sent.
The only things that do not make it into the magazine are:
1. non-Ford
2. overly religious, political, sexual, colorful language
3. photos of poor quality or very small in size

If you sent something and it hasn't shown up in the magazine it is possible that we are holding it for a special feature we are working on. For example, if you sent a photo of your child in your truck, we might hold it for a couple issues until we receive many kids photos. Then we will do a "Truckin' Kids" photo feature.

Q: Where is my magazine? The website says it mailed already and I know my subscription is up to date!

A: The short answer...Give it a little more time, it is probably still in the mail.
The long answer...When the magazine is mailed it can take up to 6 weeks (heaven forbid) to actually show up into people's mailboxes. Our website reflects the day that the mailing house tells us that the magazines go to the post office.
By law media mail cannot sit at any postal hub for more than 72 hours (do we believe that the USPS obeys the law always?). So if the magazines are delivered to the post office on Mar 1, they can sit there for three days before they even move them off the loading dock. Now they send a stack to another hub, and another three days. And the magazines go from hub to hub migrating across North America. If there are five hubs between the printer and your town it will be two weeks before they actually get them into the "mail". Now add in the lazy sorters, slow delivery guys and postmen that take the magazine home to read them, it could add another week or more. And yes, postmen do "borrow" the magazines. We talked to one recently that subscribed to our sister magazine Bronco Driver after feeling guilty for stealing another person's magazine for almost a year.

Other reasons we have heard:

  1. the kids have been intercepting the magazines from the mailbox (one father found four issues under his son's bed!)
  2. the wife has been throwing away the renewal reminder cards (on purpose) after a subscription has expired.

If you believe your magazine is indeed lost, going to the wrong address or beamed up by aliens, it is best to email and give us your name, address, and most importantly zip code (the computer sorts by zip).

And remember, the post office hates to forward magazines... they often do not. If you moved recently, please email with your new address.

Q: Why did I get two magazines?

A: There are two main reasons you might get two magazines: 1. you are in our computer twice and 2. a parts supplier sent you the magazine.

1. If you renewed recently it is possible that you are in our computer with slightly different information. For instance, if John Doe renewed as J. Doe, the "dumb" computer sees him as a completely different person. John Doe and J. Doe will each receive a copy of the magazine. And John might get a post card stating his subscription is about to run out because his is about to run out, J. Doe's is perfectly fine. Email us at if this is happening so we can fix the computer.

2. Occasionally vendors will send samples of the magazine out with their catalogs. Mailing costs can be cut slightly if we mail our subscribers at the same time as the vendors send their catalog. If you are a subscriber AND customer then you might receive two copies.

Q: Can I purchase True Blue Trucks magazine from the newsstands?

A: Yes, there are places in the US and Canada that carry the magazine. Without getting too much into the boring details of the magazine distribution industry, the best places to look are Pep Boys, Barnes & Noble, Hasting's and Books A Million (with more stores coming on soon). If you do not see the magazine there, ask. They often sell out fast and asking them will remind them that they need to order more next issue. Better yet, subscribe and forget.

Q: Can I subscribe even though I don't live in North America?

A: Of course, we have subscribers all over the world. Visit our subscription page for more info.
And we would love to hear you stories and adventures from across the sea!

Q: When is the magazine going to come out every month rather than quarterly?

A: Sure, we would love for the magazine to be a monthly also but there are a couple reasons it isn't. The main being the printing costs... VERY EXPENSIVE! If we had twice as many subscribers, we might be able to afford the cost of doubling our print bill.
We do, however, have the goal to make True Blue Trucks a bi-monthy (every other month) after the first year of publishing.
Another reason we think it is not a good idea is we think it would be "too much of a good thing". We do not want our readers to get bored with the magazine, we want to leave them wanting more! Ice Cream is great but not at every meal, everyday.

Q: Can you tell me the vendor who has the best parts?

A: That is too complicated a question. We can only tell you who sells a specific part.
All our parts vendors are "good" or they would no longer be in business. Word of a bad vendor travels fast and they either fix the problem or are quickly blacklisted by owners.
Another reason we do not recommend specific vendors is the parts they sell can be very specific to a particular style of driving or location of the country. For example, Vendor A may sell a great suspension kit for Desert Racing but it will be terrible for street cruising. Decide what exactly what you want to do with your truck then look for truck in the magazine that do something similar. The owner's stories will often tell you if they chose correctly for their specific application.

Q: How can I contact True Blue Trucks Magazine?

A: We prefer to be contacted by email. It is much more efficient on our end.

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