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True Blue Trucks Staff

Publisher & Owner: Tom Broberg

Tom has been servicing the magazine industry for the past two decades. The day to day exposure to clients magazine titles drove a passion to launch a magazine in the automotive field of personal enthusiasm - Ford Motor Company and the old Ford Broncos! Tom (along with John) organized and launched Bronco Driver Magazine in 2001. Tom works on the overall business management of Bronco Driver magazine including day to day operations, subscriptions, newsstand circulation, and ad sales.

He is also in charge of coordinating the Screamin' Demon Project Bronco.

Tom can be seen around East Tennessee driving his F-150, Early Bronco, or one of the other Magazine Project Broncos.

Publisher & Owner: John Goethert

Twenty years of design and marketing experience has culminated to allow John to work with his first love: the automotive industry. John is in charge of coordinating the stories/photos as well as the physical building of the magazines. John takes all the 'stuff' you send and decides how to best make it work in the magazine.

Plus, he is in charge of the design and maintenance of this website.

John is project head for the buildup of Project: Full Force. His goal is to build the truck and write up the process as a layman, not an experienced gearhead.

Editor, Project Truck editor, and others: Daniel Perkins

Dan's dash when he purchased his '84 Bronco. You know he's good if he fixed this!

Got a tech question? Dan is the man! Dan has agreed to come onboard to be our copy editor answering questions, finding interesting articles, and ensuring that we have enough tech content by building a full fleet of project trucks.

If he is not busy fixing a friend's truck at 3am, Dan can be regularly spotted with his 1984 Bronco "Midnight Thunder" at local offroad events, or twisting wrenches on Project: True Blue Highboy and Project: Basketcase.

Left for Dead, Project: Flying Thunder Rat and other feature stories:
Ron Schartiger

Like most of us, Ron is one of those guys for whom owning a Ford truck is not a choice, it's a lifestyle. If there is a Ford truck or Bronco within 200 miles of Western Maryland, Ron and family know about it, and have talked to the owner extensively about its history. And many of those trucks end up in one of three places: the pages of True Blue Trucks magazine, the pages of Bronco Driver magazine, or in one of Ron's "soon to be restored" barns.

Ad Sales, and Special Feature Research: Alan Fincher

Known as the guy with the best stories around the campfire at everyone's events, Alan is a true Ford nut. He owns a 80s-something Bronco, a 60s-something F, and a million and two Hotwheels and Matchbox Fords.

Taking on probably the most important job at the magazine, Alan will be helping us take it to the next level with ad sales.

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